Japan and Ancient Israel


“Biblical Hebrew Origins of the Japanese People”


Rediscovering Japan, Reintroducing Christendom: Two Thousand Years of Christian History in Japan

“Rediscovering Japan, Reintroducing Christendom”


Online book: “Israelites Came to Ancient Japan” by Arimasa Kubo & Remnant Publishing



“The Roots of Japan Were Ancient Israel!?” FREE DVD

  • If you send an E-mail to Arimasa Kubo, he will send you a DVD on this subject that aired on a Japanese TV program
  • See bottom of webpage for the required info to put in the E-mail
  • Arimasa Kubo radio interview in English on Hebrew Nation Radio



“Was Japanese Culture Influenced by Ancient Israel?”

  • PDF document I’m putting together for a future presentation to a local Bible study group on this topic.
  • Information taken from Arimasa Kubo’s online book with numerous photos added
  • If you would like a copy send me an E-mail at  biblejapanese315@gmail.com.  This is strictly for one’s own personal use, and not to be posted or made available electronically or by any other means.



Bible Japan Forum Webpage

  • Webpage in Japanese about the influence of Ancient Israel on Japan.
  • Online newsletter and other links
  • Click here for the link


Japan & Judah Harmony Webpage

  • Webpage in Japanese with numerous articles about the influence of Ancient Israel on Japan.
  • Click here for the link


Kobe Peace Research Institute

Kobe Peace Research Institute Webpage

  • Webpage with  articles about the influence of Ancient Israel on Japan.
  • Click here for the link



Similarities between Ancient Israel & Japan


  • Other people groups along the “Silk Road” have customs similar to ancient Israel
  • Suwa Taisha Shrine (諏訪大社) and the Ontohsai (御頭祭) Festival
  • Mount Moriah vs. Mount Moriya
  • Shinto shrine layout vs. the Tabernacle
  • Japanese Imperial Crest vs. Herod’s Gate Crest
  • Japanese Tokin vs. Jewish Phylactery
  • Japanese seashell vs. Jewish Shofar
  • Sacred mountains
  • Tengu & the “Tora no Maki”
  • Japanese O-Mikoshi vs. Israel’s Ark of the Covenant
  • Robes of Shinto priests vs. robes of Jewish priests
  • Waving of branches for purification
  • Use of salt for sanctification & purification
  • No idols in Japanese Shinto & Judaism
  • Similarity of Japanese & Hebrew words


Links Relating to this Subject


(Ontohsai Festival at Suwa Taisha Shrine Video Part 1)


(Ontohsai Festival at Suwa Taisha Shrine Video Part 2)


(Suwa Taisha Shrine Video Part 1)


(Suwa Taisha Shrine Video Part 2)


(Ontohsai Festival Webpage)


(Picture of Jikkenro building)





Translated Articles


  • I have been reading articles from the Biblejapan.info newsletter and other sources, and using them to practice translating from Japanese to English. My Japanese is not the greatest so there definitely are mistakes, but it’s fun. Since there is not much information on this subject in English, I hope these are useful for others.


April 1997 Bible & Japan Forum Newsletter “The Riddle of Ancient Japan and Scattered Israel”  PDF File
May, June 2012 Bible & Japan Forum Newsletter “Mount Koya in the Autumn – the 18th Convention” – Discusses the Buddhist monk Kuukai, Shingon Buddhism and his possible Nestorian influence PDF File

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