Kodomo News Weekly

Here is a neat site to practice reading Japanese. The Yomiuri Shinbun has a “Kodomo news weekly” (KODOMOニュースウイークル) article that comes out every Wednesday on a current news topic. There is also furigana for the kanji that are used in the article. See the link below to the October 1, 2014 article on the Dengue fever outbreak in Japan.


Here is a list of past articles



4 thoughts on “Kodomo News Weekly

  1. You find a good one! because I can see Furigana on Kanji character. Do you know anything like this for kiddos in U.S.? It may be good for me to learn both languages and the latest news.
    Have a Happy Health Sports Holiday★


  2. Thank you for updating about VOA or their movie. They have been put in my bookmark already. I will see it as much as I can.
    (Actually I did not recognize that you left comments back on me as I was not familiar on “WorldPress.com”.) Right now I create my account on it Then I could click “★like” !! and I can notice new stuffs quicker. Thank you.


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