Typhoon #18 (台風18号)

If you have been looking at Japanese news sites lately you will find a lot of clips on Typhoon 18 that’s hitting Japan. It looks like it will move over the Tokyo area and then out to sea according to the weather predictions.

In all of the Japanese news clips I’ve seen on typhoons they are noted by a number. This one is Typhoon #18 (台風18号). However, I saw that this one also had a name which is Typhoon Phanfone. That’s interesting because I’m not sure how often this name is used by the Japanese news media or the Japanese people themselves. All Japanese news reports I’ve seen use the number in referring to a typhoon.

(tai, dai): pedestal, stand, counter for machines and vehicles
(fu, fuu, kaze): wind, style, manner
台風 (taifuu): typhoon
(gou): number, item, title, name

I’m not sure why the character was used in the word typhoon “pedestal/stand + wind”? Maybe someone can shed some light on that.


Q: Who knows what the difference is between a hurricane, typhoon and a cyclone?

A: They all describe the same weather phenomenon. The word used is different depending where it is occurring.

  • Hurricane: Used for storms in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific
  • Typhoon: Used for storms in the Northwest Pacific
  • Cyclone: Used for storms in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean

Here is the Weather Channel info about the Typhoon


TV Asahi News has a number of clips on the Typhoon for your practicing pleasure



One thought on “Typhoon #18 (台風18号)

  1. It delivered from European word “typhoon”, “tufan” in Arabic or “typhon” as a God of wind in Greek myth. The “台” ( たい)is just a phonetic equivalent, it seems. I googled and knew. I m not sure!!
    Anyway please take care, we have the biggest one #19 closer!!


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