Explain Everything…The App That is

Here is the app I’ve been using to create the Bible Japanese videos on my iPad as well as record the shortwave receiver videos with added text. I like it a lot because it is quick to make the videos. It’s only $2.99 on the iTunes store and is fairly easy to use. Some of the older Bible Japanese videos were made on my PC with a program called Cam Studios. It was more involved and time consuming to record something, but did a good job. I’m all about keeping the time to record something short.

I also used it to record the video about the Konoyubi Drama website. I had a problem using it to scroll real-time through the webpage though. The video didn’t keep up with the scrolling once it was published. Seems to be some type of time lag problem. Maybe I’m not doing something correctly (which is very possible). Anyway, it’s all good and fun.

Here is a link to the app on iTunes


Here is a link to the developer website which has some tutorial videos.


I highly recommend it and maybe you can find some uses for it as well.


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