Quick Tour of the Shortwave Bands

Had a very fruitful night listening to my new shortwave radio. The reception conditions seemed a lot better than the previous evening. I put together a 2:03 min clip of some of the stations I heard. If you’ve never listened to shortwave radio it will give you an idea of what the stations sound like. These stations actually came in well. Some of the weaker ones are difficult to hear and it’s hard to understand what is being spoken.

  • Radio Rebelde, broadcasting from Havana, Cuba
  • Radio EWTN, Global Catholic Radio
  • Radio Havana Cuba
  • China Radio International
  • KVOH, Voice of Hope
  • WWV, Time station from Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Radio Slovakia

Some of the other stations I heard that are not on the clip:

  • Radio Romania
  • Radio Exterior de Espana
  • R. Sultanate Oman
  • Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • R. Japan
  • Radio Frequencia al Dia
  • Deutsch Welle
  • BBC
  • Radio New Zealand
  • Radio Dabanga, I had never heard this station before, and it was coming in fairly clear. I believe it’s broadcasting from Darfur, Sudan using a 500 KW transmitter.  A new country and station to add to my totals! 😄

Here is a short audio recording of Radio Dabanga.  There is no mistake that was the station after listening to the audio.



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