Back in the Shortwave Saddle!

I’ve posted several times about how I used to listen to shortwave radio quite a bit when I was younger.  It was a fun, enjoyable hobby and I learned a lot about geography and other countries/cultures.  I haven’t listened in several years after getting busy with other things in life.  I don’t know about you, but it seems there are cycles in my life where things change naturally depending on what is going on and how my interests change. I saw a nice shortwave radio at a local electronics store for what I think is a good price and picked one up.  It’s a Grundig Satellit 750 radio that picks up AM/FM, Shortwave and the Airwave bands.

Grundig Satellit 750

I got it home and couldn’t hear many stations until I hooked up an outside antenna.  It was like night and day in being able to tune in stations.  I think it may be due to the radiant barrier in the attic blocking the signals.  There are not as many stations broadcasting from what I remember in the “good old days” of the late 70s and 80s, but it was like riding a bike.  It felt like I never stopped! As usual, the religious broadcasters are well represented on the shortwave bands, as well as some of the stations I used to listen to. Some of the stations I managed to hear:

  • Adventist World Radio – Had an interesting shortwave type program called “Wavescan”
  • Voice of Turkey – Playing music
  • Radio Romania Int – Broadcasting in French.  Back in the 80s they used to be called “Radio Bucharest”
  • China Radio International – Coming in with a strong signal on their English & Chinese language broadcast
  • Radio Exterior de Espana – Broadcasting in Spanish
  • World Harvest Radio – Christian broadcaster from the US
  • Radio Habana Cuba – You can hear them on a number of frequencies broadcasting in English and Spanish
  • EWTN – Catholic radio broadcaster

There was a book that I used to use which was invaluable for looking up station broadcast times and frequencies called “Passport to Worldband Radio“.


Since I don’t have a recent edition, I was able to find an online shortwave website where you can look up this information.  Gotta love the internet!  Sadly, I found out later today that the book is no longer being published.

Will see how things progress in the coming months.


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