Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

A number of things can make you go hmmm…😳…and for me I see one every day when I drop my daughter at school. As I pass the same house every morning there is a Maserati parked on the street. Based on my astute observations, it appears to be left there overnight.

If it was my car I would have it garaged with a car cover on it and maybe even hire a security guard! Actually I wouldn’t even own a car like that because I would be afraid of getting into an accident, and it would draw too much attention. I’m a kind of low-key guy. I would imagine the repair bills would also be out of sight, but I guess if you can afford a car like that repair bills may not be a huge concern.

I don’t know the exact model…🚘…but think it may be a Ghibli. It looked similar to the one in the Car and Driver link below.

What are some things that make you go hmmmmm….?


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