World Music Anyone?

I’ve posted several times about my shortwave listening hobby and some of the QSL verification cards I’ve received. One of the things I used to love about shortwave radio back then was listening to the music from other countries. Due to the nature of the shortwave signal (think AM radio and static) the quality of the broadcasts weren’t always great, especially from the small, low power, hard to hear stations but that was the challenge!

I love African music, and one of my favorite singers/guitar players is Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe. Here is a favorite song of mine by him called Neria. Smooth vocals and solid finger style guitar playing anyone should try to emulate.

I used to love to listen to the Tahitian music from Radio Tahiti at night before going to bed. Due to the time difference the broadcasts would be on at night here in the states (if you could pick up the signal). You could hear Middle Eastern music from Radio Cairo, African music from Africa Número 1 in Gabon, and a lot of Spanish music from Mexico, Central and South America. Radio Japan had a music program of JPop and Radio Korea had their KPop broadcast. This planted the seed for the love of all types of music, and over the years I have dabbled in a number of them.

Here is a video I found on YouTube of a street jam in Papeete/Tahiti that is reminiscent of the Tahitian music I used to hear over my shortwave radio. To a young 12 year old kid this was something from another world. It was great! Gotta love that Tahitian ukulele sound. If you didn’t know, they use monofilament fishing line for the strings.

When I learned to play the ukulele my brother and I met some other Hawaiian music lovers and formed a group called the “Houston Slackers”. The name was taken from the slack key guitar two of the members played. We played at some of the local Aloha Fests. It was a lot of fun. Here is beautiful Hawaiian song called “Ka Wailele O Nu’uanu”, one of my favorites.


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