More Shortwave QSL Verification Cards

Here are a couple of other shortwave station QSL verification cards I’ve collected over the years.  I spent many a night staying up late to try to hear stations from countries around the world.  Reception was always better at night because of the ionosphere not being charged by the sun. It was a great way to learn geography and about other cultures.  The card below is from China Radio International which I received in 1998.  It’s interesting how things change over the years in a country.  When I first started listening to shortwave radio the station was called Radio Peking.  It then changed its name to Radio Bejing and now to China Radio International.  I remember listening to the broadcast on the same night the tanks went into Tiananmen square. At that moment the broadcast went off the air!




Here is a card from another one of my favorite stations. HCJB from Quito Ecuador.  There broadcasts came in fairly well. They were a listener friendly station with a DX Report to help you hear other shortwave stations as well as entertaining programming.  They would also give away other goodies such as pennants and calendars.




Here is a card from Voice of Indonesia. I think listening to shortwave radio also peaked my interest in learning languages.



I find the country of North Korea intriguing, and a while back watched an interesting documentary on YouTube about Kim Jong Il and life in North Korea. I think it started from listening to shortwave radio.  Radio Pyongyang was a good catch because the transmitter power was low, and the audio was always garbled with a lot of static. I was able to got a reply from them by sending a letter to someone in Europe to forward on because I couldn’t send a letter from the U.S.  They sent me a copy of “The Pyongyang Times” you can see below. Where the arrow is pointing it says “His birth also made it possible for the Korean people to adorn the 20th century with brilliant achievements and make a new breakthrough in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation in the new century.” Propaganda at its best!


Pyongyang Times


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