Radio Japan QSL Card and Others

Growing up my brother and I used to listen to shortwave radio all the time  It was a lot of fun back then listening to the programs and mailing letters to the radio stations to get a QSL verification card and other goodies.  A lot of the bigger more modern countries/stations had stronger transmitters  they would broadcast from so the programs were fairly easy to hear.  Radio Japan used to come in well here in North America.  Here is a QSL verification card I received which confirmed that I heard their broadcast.  It’s a little different now listening to shortwave radio because many stations have gone off the air due to budget problems, and may have an internet station where you can listen and/or download the broadcasts.




The first shortwave radio station I heard when I was about 12 years old was Radio South Africa (RSA).  They had a distinctive interval signal of a chirping bird they would play maybe 15 minutes before the broadcast would come on. See below for my RSA QSL card.




Here is a YouTube audio clip of the interval signal


Lastly I can’t forget one of my favorite QSL cards from Radio Tahiti. I still remember fondly listening to the crackling shortwave radio and hearing the Tahitian music wishing I was there.  Years later I did get a Tahitian ukulele and learned to play/sing some Tahitian songs.





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