Listen First – Read Second – Translation Third (Part #3)

This is part 3 of the technique of learning Japanese by (1) listening to spoken Japanese, (2) reading a script of what’s being spoken and (3) finding an English translation.

In this post we’ll look at the Konoyubi-drama website which contains Christian themed Japanese audio dramas. Watch the video below for further details. You can find a link to the Konoyubi-drama website under the Language Learning link at the top of this Bible Japanese page.

I didn’t discuss in the video about translating these dramas into English, but if you pull up the PDF script on your PC in the browser you can mouse over the Japanese using the Rikaichan Firefox plugin to help translate the Japanese words.

On my iPad I import the PDF script into an app called Wakaru and am able to translate it there. Wakaru allows you to highlight words and the English meanings pop-up in a built-in dictionary.

Below is a screenshot of a konoyubi-drama script in the Wakaru app with a word in the title highlighted. The dictionary entry at the bottom shows it means “theory of evolution”.



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