Listen First – Read Second – Translation Third (Part #2)

This is part 2 of the technique of learning Japanese (or any other language for that matter), by (1) listening to Japanese, (2) reading a script of what’s spoken in Japanese and (3) finding an English translation. As I mentioned in the first post, Japanese news is a good method for doing this.

I like Fuji Network News. They have an online website, a YouTube channel, an app and a streaming video channel! The news segments are usually not that long; anywhere from less than a minute up to maybe 3 minutes. For the longer clips, the entire script may not be available.

Below is a 1 minute 17 second YouTube clip about the current Dengue Fever outbreak in Japan. In YouTube, below the video there is a website link for the the video which also has the Japanese script the announcer is reading.

Link to script:


You can use Rikaichan on your Firefox browser to mouse over the Japanese script to read it or copy and paste the script into the Translator feature of the Midori  or other apps mentioned in the first video. Below is an image of Rikaichan being used to lookup a word on the Japanese MSN website.



Here is a picture from the Translator function in the Midori app. The translator feature will look up words in the text, highlight them and produce a list.  You can then touchon a word in the list and it will take you back to the dictionary for more information.  You can also touch a word in the imported text, and it will highlight the word in the list.


Try it out and see your Japanese slowly improve.


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