John Chapter 3: 8-9

I’m using a screenshot of a free app called “Kougou KJV” for these lessons. It contains the Japanese Kougouyaku translation and English King James Version, both of which are in the public domain. Checkout and download this great app.


5 thoughts on “John Chapter 3: 8-9

  1. Hey Daniel,

    I started going through John Chapter 2 because that’s where I was in reading the Japanese Bible. This one (John 3:8-9) was actually a mistake. I thought I was in John 2, took the screenshot and started through it and just decided to continue.

    Do you have any recommendations or verses you would like to see covered?



    • Well, I don’t actually know a lot about it, but it relaly reminds me of a tale my professor one time shared with us: apparently, this thirteenth century English alchemist tried (in vain) to make gold from lead. He examined those ingredients so deeply, he evolved into an expert on both, and became rich as an official guide to the queen. Data was hard to come by in those days, far apart from nowadays with computer availability, and committed drivers etc. back then, once you realised something good, you could keep on counseling for a lifetime. But I digress. What I’m saying is that every now and then you come upon riches by simply attempting (and staying devoted to) something else, and thats just what happened to me once I accidentally got here. I was actually on the search for some technological records about driver updates when I began scouring the web, and got carried away…. Keep up the excellent work, and thanks for the article.


  2. I laughed at your title but otwerhise haven’t an opinion just don’t accidentally mislay your followers list! I know I don’t comment very much but I do read you reading blogs whilst knitting isn’t such a great idea I’ve found as sometimes I’m thinking so hard I forget to say I’ve visited! And sometimes the needles knock the keys too!


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