Japanese Learning Links and Webpages

See below for links to the Japanese learning tools/sites mentioned in the video.

I took the video down, but will summarize what it contained below along with links.

Erin’s Challenge is a great website by the Japan Foundation for learning Japanese. There are 25 videos lessons that follow along through the life of a girl named Erin. The neat thing about the site is the actual video of real-life events, but while watching you can select the Japanese and English translation for display as they are talking. There are also numerous support materials that go along with each lesson. The material is online for free, but can also be purchased in books and DVDs. Definitely something to check out!

* Erin’s Challenge: https://www.erin.ne.jp/en/

There was a Japanese Christian televsion program called Harvest Time broadcast in Japan where the host would interview various guests on a wide range of subjects. I believe it is no longer on the air, but there is a Vimeo site of the videos. The nice thing about the videos is that they have English subtitles! See the link below:

* Harvest Time Vimeo Website: http://vimeo.com/harvestjapan


More Japanese Language Learning Tools

See below for links to the Japanese learning tools/sites mentioned in the video.

* Konoyubi drama site (この指とまれ) : http://konoyubi-drama.jimdo.com
– The layout of the website has changed since I made this video. Check out my other video that mentions the updated page below

* The Bible in Living Sound: http://www.bibleinlivingsound.org/japanese_index.php

* Bible & Gospel: http://biblegospel.org

* Hiragana Megane (ひらがなめがね) : http://www.hiragana.jp/en/

* Anytune app: http://anytune.us

* Japanese Grammar Dictionary Basic: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/japanese-grammar-dictionary/id407677358?mt=8